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There are 280 Jaguar XK120, XK140 & XK150 cars with owners in the database.





There are 12 Jaguar XK120, XK140 & XK150s with owners beginning with "K" in the database. Click on the owner's name to contact them via our email form.

Kari Kuosmanen
Owns: S812597  

Updated November 13th, 2006. Not legal proof of ownership.

Karl Krause
Owns: 680199  

Updated January 9th, 2014. Not legal proof of ownership.

Ken James
Owns: A811026  

Been collecting XK Jags since 1967. Currently have 11 Jags from SS Tourer to Mark IX and most everything in between. Two XK-120 OTS, XK-120 FHC, XK-140 OTS, XK-150 Coupe, Mark v SEDAN, Mark V DHC, Mark IV DHC, Mark I, and 1936 SS Tourer, 1960 Mark IX.

Updated August 11th, 2007. Not legal proof of ownership.

Ken Smiley
Owns: S811603  

Regional Advocate for XKClub for Kansas (USA) and member of the Heart of America Jaguar Club and JCNA. Car was originally purchased by my father in the late 60's, developed a leak in the gas tank and sat until 2002 when I began working on it. By 2009 I had it running again and continued to work on the car until embarking on a full restoration in 2016 to 2017.

Updated December 3rd, 2017. Not legal proof of ownership.

Kimball Silverton
Owns: 810136  

Updated July 2nd, 2022. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: 680162  

Updated April 21st, 2021. Not legal proof of ownership.

Klaus Kiefer
Owns: S681218  

Updated May 2nd, 2008. Not legal proof of ownership.

Koen Geebelen
Owns: 680481  

Updated January 4th, 2024. Not legal proof of ownership.

Kris Gamble
Owns: S834632  

Purchased xk150 in 1986 in pieces following 1973 purchase and dissassembly by PO. Restoration complete for first JCNA Concours in 1995.\
Started EType restoration in 2011.

Updated November 21st, 2014. Not legal proof of ownership.