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New Photos rss

The following cars have had photos added in the past week (one photo of each below, click for more):

21 April 2019:

20 April 2019:

New Cars rss

These cars have been added in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Sunday, 21 April 2019
 XK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827264DNV6096-8    White  2001 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827267V6094-8  P7186 December 1958 Old English White  2019 United Kingdom
picturesXK150 LHD  FHC1958 S834723V1735-8 JL38269CR  November 1957 Primer Work In Progress 2019 United States
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827268BWV6081-8   December 1958 British Racing Green Rest: Nice 2019 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827265DN   December 1959 Blue Unknown  United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827262DN   December 1958  Unknown  
 XK150 RHD  FHC1959 S824671DNV5894-8 JLS42522JS  November 1958   2005 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  FHC1959 S824677DNV5911-8   November 1958  Awaiting Rest. 2007 United Kingdom
Saturday, 20 April 2019
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 DHC1953 677377W8751-8    Black Rest: Nice 2019 United States
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 DHC1953 S677155W8443-8S JL15274 P1157 8 May 1953 Black Exc. Original 2018 United States
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1954 S674881F 1969-8S JL21122 F7153 1954 Pastel Blue Rest: Nice 2019 United States
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827258DNV5966-7   November 1958   1995 New Zealand
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827256BW   November 1958 Cream  2019 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827254DN   November 1958  Rest: Nice 1982 Australia
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827252V5555-8   November 1958 White  2019 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827251BW   November 1958  Unknown  
Friday, 19 April 2019
 XK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827241DNV5780-8  P7093 November 1958 Indigo Blue Rest: Nice 2019 United Kingdom
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827246BWV5596-8  P7091 November 1958 Blue Rest: Nice 2015 United Kingdom
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827235DNV5844-8   7 November 1958 Bright Red Rest: Nice 2019 United Kingdom
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827245DNV5901-8   7 November 1958 British Racing Green Rest: Nice 2019 United Kingdom
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827243   November 1958 Old English White Nice Driver 2019 United Kingdom
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827240DNV5914-8    British Racing Green Rest: Nice 2019 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827237DNV5844-8 JLS425 P7085 November 1958 Carmen Red Rest: Nice 2016 Australia
 XK120 LHD 3.4 OTS S673369W7033-8S JL13605 F5415     
 XK120 LHD 3.4 FHC 680043    Red   United States
 XK140 LHD 3.4 OTS 810591G1879-8 JL26833 F10599  Blue Rest: Nice 2019 Czech Republic
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS S673891       
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827248BW   November 1958  Unknown  
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827247DN   November 1958 White  1991 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827242DNV5913-8   November 1958 Green  2009 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827239DNV5841-8   November 1958 White  1964 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827238DNV5846-8   November 1958 Blue  2019 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827236DN   November 1958 White  1964 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827234DNV5834-8   November 1958 Green  2019 United Kingdom
Thursday, 18 April 2019
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827230DNV5592-8 JLS42123JS P7055 November 1958 Black Rest: Nice 2019 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827228   September 1958 Red Rest: Nice 2009 Norway
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827226DN   September 1958  Unknown  
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827225DN   September 1958  Unknown  
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827224DN   September 1958 Red Rest: Nice 2019 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827223   September 1958  Unknown  
Wednesday, 17 April 2019
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827216BWV5356-8   11 September 1958 Dark Blue Scruffy Driver 2019 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  FHC1958 S824659DNV5490-8  J9533 November 1958 Old English White Rest: Nice 2007 United Kingdom
picturesXK140 RHD 3.4 FHC1954 804001F 1355-8  J4001 February 1954 Bright Red Nice Driver 2005 Germany
 XK150 RHD  DHC1958 S827212V5234-8   September 1958 Cream  2007 United Kingdom
picturesXK150 LHD  OTS1959 T831978DNV1788-9 JLS43262JS F17003 22 January 1959 Cotswold Blue Work In Progress 2019 United States
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827220DN   September 1958 White  1981 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827218BW   September 1958  Unknown  
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827217DN   September 1958 Red  2009 United Kingdom
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827215   September 1958  Unknown  
 XK150 RHD  DHC1959 S827214   September 1958   1995 New Zealand

Updated Cars rss

These cars have had their "dataplate" information updated in the past week:

picturesModelYearCar #EngineGearboxBodyBuild DateCurrent ColorConditionSeen
Friday, 19 April 2019
picturesXK150 RHD  FHC1960 T825192DNVAS1149-8   March 1960 Dove Grey Exc. Original 2019 Australia
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1949 670084  F1105 January 1950 Dark Blue Nice Driver 2013 United States
 XK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1954 S676018F3676-8S OSL1752B F8301 15 July 1954 Mist Grey Work In Progress 2008 United States
picturesXK150 RHD  DHC S827603BWVA1893-8 JLS46118JS P8494 June 1960 Primer Work In Progress 2019 Australia
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 FHC1953 S680514W6963-8S JL14048 J2520 17 December 1952 Black Rest: Nice 2019 Sweden
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1950 670789W 2050-8  F2015 September 1950 British Racing Green Exc. Original 2019 France
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS 671875W4202-8    Bronze   Australia
picturesXK150 LHD  FHC1959 835781BW    Old English White Scruffy Driver 2019 United States
 XK120 LHD 3.4 FHC 680690   January 1953 Birch Grey Awaiting Rest.  United Kingdom
picturesXK120 LHD 3.4 OTS1950 670277W1532-8 JH2405 F1360 15 May 1950 Pastel Blue Metallic Work In Progress 2016 Germany
picturesXK140 LHD 3.4 DHC1956 S818281DNG6695-8S JLE34282CR P4604 19 January 1956 Battleship Grey Rest: Concours 2019 United States

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New comments added to cars on the site in the past week:

21 April 2019:

20 April 2019:

19 April 2019:

18 April 2019:

17 April 2019:

16 April 2019:

15 April 2019:

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New Owners

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