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Owns: S824021  

I got my first XK at 21 and a second a year later in 1977 XK120 660224 was totally rebuilt over 12 months and driven 7,500 miles in 6 weeks and sold a week after getting back! went on to co- author the "Jaguar XK in Australia" 1985 and more recently The Forerunners of Jaguar" 30+ years of fun

Updated April 6th, 2007. Not legal proof of ownership.

Tim Marsh
Owns: 804831  

Retired in Somerset with my XK140 FHC - idyllic!!

Updated June 27th, 2020. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: A811019DN  

Bought the S3-OTS (1S25478) in Februar 2008 from Lu at Myrtle Beach. Transport to Germany and started Restoration in Mai 2008 which is STILL ongoing ... but will be finished in 2016

Updated February 16th, 2016. Not legal proof of ownership.

Tobias Graf
Owns: 680381  

Restauration of vintage cars and motorcycles

Updated April 4th, 2024. Not legal proof of ownership.

Tom Prager
Owns: S815784BW  

Updated May 7th, 2015. Not legal proof of ownership.

Tom Zwakman
Owns: 660001  

Updated September 4th, 2010. Not legal proof of ownership.

Tomas Skold
Owns: S830569  

I was born in 1943 and live i the town of Bollnas in Sweden

Updated November 23rd, 2015. Not legal proof of ownership.

Trevor Wagner
Owns: S847003  

I acquired a 1960 XK150 in February 2018. The vehicle has been fully restored and resides in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Updated January 26th, 2019. Not legal proof of ownership.